Sitefix Hydraulic Workshops perth

Sitefix Hydraulic Workshops

Increase productivity & reduce downtime with an on-site hose & fittings workshop

Hoseright sitefix hydraulic workshops bring everything you need in a hose and fittings workshop to you. This service is perfect for businesses in remote locations without local access to hoses and fittings. Sitefix Hydraulic container Workshops reduce costly downtime because you will have everything you need in one place. Our 20ft containers are mine site compliant and come with a range of tools and parts including a hydraulic crimp machine and cut off saw.


Above and beyond customer's expectations

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Perth Sitefix Hydraulic Workshops

The ideal solution for mine sites & high-volume customers in remote locations

A Hoseright sitefix hydraulic workshop is the perfect solution for both mine sites and high-volume customers in remote locations. Think about it. Whether you run a mine site, drilling site, civil construction, or earthmoving project, having your own bespoke on-site hydraulic workshop is a complete game-changer.

In addition, Hoseright offers specialised programs to train your technicians on how to operate the sitefix hydraulics equipment. Also, Hoseright provides you with ongoing product support for a complete solution.

Imagine the ease of access, as well as how beneficial, this will be if you are a high-volume customer. Get in touch with us today for details.