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RYCO hydraulic hose training perth

RYCO Hydraulic Hose Training

Hoseright provide in-house and on-site RYCO Hydraulic Hose training for mining, oil & gas, agricultural, marine, construction, transport, civil engineering and earth moving companies.

The RYCO training (and support) we offer constitutes of three courses:

1. Product Technical Manual Training (PTM)

2. Basic Hose Assembly Training (HA)

3. Mobile Connector Specialist Training (MCS)

RYCO Hydraulic Hose Training
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Hoseright Hydraulic Hose Training Information Pack

RYCO hydraulic hose training perth

Product Technical Manual Overview (RH-KH-P01)

Objective: To have skills and knowledge to effectively use the RYCO Product Technical Manual for identifying and selecting appropriate RYCO components for a given specification / application.

Duration: 1 day

Learning and delivery: Written & practical tasks to utilise, identify, correctly interpret, safely engage, locate, apply, and describe RYCO product manual, products, part numbers, technical info & specs, features & applications of the hose, couplings, adaptors, and accessories range.

Attendees: Valuable for warehouse, technical sales personnel and technicians.


  • Mechanical / hydraulic safety & awareness
  • Identify and measure threads
  • Interpret technical specifications
  • Product technical construction
  • Part numbering system 
  • Features and practical applications
  • Safe handling, storage, and testing.
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RYCO hydraulic hose training perth

Hose Assembly Training

Objective: To safely and effectively manufacture a hydraulic hose assembly that meets a given set of performance specifications.

Duration: Half Day

Learning and delivery: Written and practical tasks including but not limited to:

  • Select and install appropriate crimp jaws.
  • Safe use of cutting saw.
  • Safe use of crimper incl. setting, adjusting and operation.
  • Manufacture/fabricate hoses according to safety standards incl. MDG 41, multiple sites and workshops etc.

Attendees: Crucial for juniors, basic on-site personnel or as a refresher course.


  • Mechanical / Hydraulic Safety & Awareness
  • Documentation, standards, and procedures
  • Interpret crimp charts
  • Cutting, cleaning, and marking
  • Measurements and tolerances
  • Assembly, recording and labelling.

RYCO hydraulic hose training perth

Mobile Connector Specialist (RHAU-KH-MCS)

This unit of competency is awarded a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. 

The complete program covers RYCO’s product technical manual, part numbering systems for hose, couplings and adapters, thread and connector Identification and application, hose assembly, testing, Installation and health and safety requirements.

Learning and delivery: Written and practical tasks ; includes a component from the Automotive, Retail Service and Repair Industry Training Package (AURTTA3012):

  • Prepare to manufacture Fluid Power Hose Assemblies
  • Manufacture Fluid Power Hose Assemblies
  • Install Fluid Power Hose Assemblies
  • Conduct Fluid Power Hose Assembly Tests and Analyse Results
  • Prepare Fluid Power System for Use or Storage.

Attendees: Mobile Hose Technicians.


  • Hydraulic safety and awareness
  • Prepare to manufacture Fluid Power Hose Assemblies.
  • Manufacture Fluid Power Hose Assemblies.
  • Install Fluid Power Hose Assemblies. 
  • Conduct Fluid Power Hose Assembly Tests and Analyse Results. 
  • Prepare Fluid Power System for use or storage.
  • Quality assurance, stamping and labelling.
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RYCO hydraulic hose training perth

RYCO Certified Trainer

All trainings are conducted by a certified technical trainer and assessor and nationally recognised RYCO product trainer. Flexibility in terms of travel or in-house or on call training and support. Technical support (on request and ongoing) is available and can facilitate train the trainer courses at client’s request or in accordance with their TNA (training needs analysis). All training meets or exceeds national/state requirements, conducted in line with site specific safety requirements and implementation. 

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