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About Hoseright Wangara

Specialists in hydraulic hose & fittings.

Hoseright Wangara, are your local specialists in hydraulic hose and fittings. As a team, we have more than 135 years’ experience in the industry. Throughout the years we have worked on tens of thousands of jobs including jobs for large earthmoving and mining companies providing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supply and fit as well as working on projects such as preventative maintenance for smaller companies.

There is no job that is too big, small, or overly complex for the Hoseright team. We are passionate about supplying hydraulic hose and fittings to a wide variety of industries around Western Australia. We believe that this love for our work shines through in each and every job we take on!

Hydraulic Service and Repairs
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Our Mission

To use the trust and experience within our brand to create life changing opportunities for people around the globe

Our Vision

the globes most influential hydraulic hose and fittings provider

Our Motto

Changing our world, one hose at a time


We acknowledge the way a team plays as a whole and determines its success; therefore, our reliability will provide the support that our family, team, clients need. We do what we say we're going to do, and we build positive family and team spirits through open, honest, and positive communication.


Good enough isn't. We will always deliver WOW moments to everyone, everywhere while providing world class products and workmanship that is second to none. We always look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant and never ending improvement and innovation.


We are adventurous, creative, and open minded. There is always a way, and we find it. We focus our attention on the successful outcome of wherever we are doing. We have a willingness to win and allow others to win too, WIN/WIN! At at all times we display pride, prosperity, competence, personal confidence, and consciously contribute to the success of the team.


This is our one shot at life. Enjoy it. This is also the industry we chose to be a part of. Enjoy it!! We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. We help to create an atmosphere of fun and happiness everywhere we go so all those around us enjoy life as much as we do as well.

Gratitude and humbleness

We are genuinely caring people and grateful for everyone and everything we have in our lives. We say thank you and show appreciation often, and in many ways, so that all around us know how much we appreciate everything and everyone we have in our lives. We celebrate our wins, and the wins of our customers and team often. We go out of our way to make not only our team and customers day better, but the people of the world around us.

Commitment and focus

The point of power is always be in the present moment, so when we are with family, friends, and clients, we are 100% committed and focused to the vision, mission, goals, and success of Hoseright, its current and future team, including our clients.


We always strive to learn, grow and master so that we can help our fellow team members and clients learn, grow and master as well. We are always willing to learn from our mistakes and acknowledge that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Therefore, we commit to always be open minded and willing to self-educate.

The Hoseright Team

Ben Chambers Hoseright Team

ben chambers

Chief Innovation Officer

Starting out as a light vehicle mechanic and hydraulic hose subcontractor, Ben has grown his one van operation to a fleet of mobile service vehicles that cover the entire Perth metropolitan area. Wanting to know his business inside and out, he has had a hand in each position of his company. He lives and breathes his business and this is shown through the passion he has for his team and his customers.

Wayne Martinovich Hoseright Team 2

Wayne Martinovich

On-Site Operations Commander

Wayne is our operations manager. He has been in the hydraulic hose industry since he was 17, working for Pirtek, Hydraulink and now Hoseright for the past 7 years. He is responsible for making sure all our plant equipment and vehicles are ready to respond to the needs of our customers. He also manages our Warehouse keeping an eye on the thousands of product lines that we stock.

Glenn Oosterhuis Hoseright Team

Glenn Oosterhuis

Sales Ninjaneer

Glenn is our business development manager. He provides his project management, systems management and business development skills in growing our business. His experience comes from over 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing, business analysis and building relationships with key stakeholders. His specialty in the hydraulic industry is in managing sales, distribution and mobile contractors.

Samantha Fleming Hoseright Team

Samantha Fleming

Office Optimisation Manager

Samantha is our office manager. She is responsible for ensuring that all ordering, scheduling, administration and finance systems are running smoothly. She ensures that all our accounts are paid on time and provides support to our customers. Samantha is an experienced office manager with a vast knowledge of admin procedures, MS Office and more. Additionally, her Xero Payroll skills ensure that everything runs perfectly here at Hoseright. As the clerical link between our dedicated team and network of amazing customers, Samantha always gives 100% and pays great attention to detail throughout all her work.

Adrian Cojenel Hoseright Team

Adrian Cojenel

Sales and Scheduling Wizard

Adrian works as our service coordinator/internal sales specialist. Adrian knows all there is to about purchasing, hydraulic hose and fittings, hydraulic components, and installation work with tubes and pipe. He tells us that he loves working at Hoseright due to his amazing colleagues and the overall positive work culture. One of Adrian’s aims that he holds dear in his working life is to become the best version of himself while helping others. In his spare time, Adrian enjoys playing the guitar, surfing, diving, and cross-fit training.


Richard ‘Rick’ Taylor

The Hit Man

Rick is our mobile contractor. He came across from RYCO when Hoseright became a RYCO 24/7 Mobile service centre. Previously he worked directly for RYCO for 15 years as a Hydraulic Hose Technician with 25 years’ experience in the mechanical field. Rick is our go-to man for everything that RYCO makes and everything in between.

Aaron Ashman Hoseright Team

Aaron Ashman

On-Site Customer Experience Expert

Aaron is our mobile technician. He is a qualified plant and diesel mechanic, bringing over 24 years’ experience in plant maintenance. He now adds over 7 years’ experience in the hydraulics industry working for other local firms. Aaron brings hands-on mechanical expertise with complex plant as well as the technical knowledge that only 24 years can provide.


Vance Jarvis

On-Site Customer Experience Expert

Vance is our mobile technician. He has more than a decade of experience in the hydraulic hose and fitting industry. With workshop sales, warehouse management, and mobile tech experience, he is a well-rounded expert when it comes to hose and fittings. He has a vast range of experience in everything from forestry machinery, earthmoving equipment, transport, and agriculture to mining equipment.


Aaron Cooper

On-Site Customer Experience Expert

Aaron is our mobile technician a qualified mechanical fitter with certificate 4 in both hydraulic and pneumatics. He has worked on everything from fixed plant , mobile plant and  machine shops through to FIFO work. HE has an incredible eye for detail and brings a wealth expertise to the Hoseright team.

Mitch Hoseright Team copy

Mitch Smith

On-Site Customer Experience Expert

Mitch is our mobile technician. He loves working in a high performing team fixing and maintaining customer equipment. He is a qualified diesel mechanic with vast experience taking care of trucks, agricultural machinery and more. Mitch loves working at Hoseright due to the positive working environment. He also appreciates the fact that we are a family business that genuinely cares about our employees. In his free time, Mitch enjoys camping, bike riding and being with friends and family.

Christine Birch Hoseright Team

Christine Birch

Inventory Guru

Christine is our purchasing and inventory manager. Her many skills include purchasing and inventory, contracts, negotiating and budget control. Christine loves working with the Hoseright team as the banter is amazing! Driven by hard work and commitment, Christine loves to socialise with friends when she isn’t hard at work. She also enjoys making jewellery and dolls in her spare time.

Nazhat Mughal

Nazhat Mughal

Director of Bean Counting

Nazhat is a chartered accountant with multinational and industry experience of 23 years+. Nazhat works hard within our team and is responsible for ensuring a smooth financial process exists between our customers and the supply team. Nazhat also advises the board on project viability while striving to provide timely and accurate information for decision-making purposes. Nazhat enjoys the constant personal development gained via working at Hoseright. She consistently challenges herself to take her thinking to new and successful heights for the good of the company. When she isn’t working, Nazhat enjoys spending heaps of time with family as well as engaging with her exchange students who come from all walks of life. Nazhat loves walking on the beach, taking in beautiful sunsets, going for long drives and spending time in nature to unwind and refresh.

Amy Hayes Hoseright Team

Amy Hayes

Ledger Attendant

Amy is our accounts assistant who works alongside our Financial Controller. Amy has a diploma in financial planning and is currently enjoying working towards a Cert 4 in Accounting and Bookkeeping. Amy loves working at Hoseright. She particularly appreciates the many opportunities for continued learning and development within the company. Amy enjoys being part of a team that truly supports and invests in staff personal development and growth. She is particularly driven by a commitment to doing her very best at any given task, always completing her work to a high standard. In her spare time, Amy enjoys camping, mountain biking and spending time outdoors. She also loves going for meals with friends as well as curling up with a good book.

Jack Chambers Hoseright Team

Jack Chambers

Tech Titan

Jack is our IT Support and Marketing Specialist. He comes from a television and media study background having gained a Cert 3 in the field at TAFE. He loves working here at Hoseright for so many reasons – not just because he enjoys being able to contribute to his family company! When Jack’s not hard at work, you can find him playing piano, video games and spending time with family and friends.

Elliot Frater Hoseright Team

Elliot Frater

Internal Customer Interaction Guru

Elliot is our workshop technician. He works in our customer service, logistics, and hose repair/manufacturing department. He is a tinker by nature. Over 12 years of experience in facility-security & emergency services. He is a people’s person. He describes the Hoseright team as his second family. He likes the culture embedded at Hoseright “work hard play hard”. He is driven by honesty, integrity, and irreducible rascality. Elliot loves to spend time with family, friends, relaxing at home, or getting out bush for some quality tree-time.

Loveridge Kwenda Hoseright Team

Loveridge Kwenda

Sales & Operations Ninja

Ridge is our technical sales & operations support officer. He worked as a coordinator and supported technical leads at mine sites, and used to be a business owner. Did lots of training and development programs with various sites in Africa. He enjoys the Hoseright family culture and the opportunities to grow and be creative. Ridge is driven by service, self-development, critical thinking, integrity, and hard work. In his free time, he loves to volunteer, spend time with his family, and play tennis and chess.

Lyndal Roulston Hoseright Team

Lyndal Roulston

Ben’s Side Kick

Lyndal is Ben’s executive assistant! She makes sure everything is organised and running smoothly. She enjoys the staff culture and the push to improve ourselves, not only as professionals, but in our personal growth. Always leaning! She is loyal, funny, passionate, efficient, and reliable. Whenever you have a question, she is the one to guide you with her teaching background. She loves spending time with her loved ones and her dogs, and she loves to work on her house and get to the outdoors.

Corey Chambers Hoseright Team

Corey Chambers

Package Logistics Expert

Corey is our Delivery/Pickup Driver. He used to work at Officeworks. He thinks that Hoseright is genuinely a place where one can have fun while working and everyone is like one big dysfunctional family. He is driven by hard work and achievements. In his off time, he hangs out with friends, playing games and partying.

Michael Shelley Hoseright Team

Michael Shelley

Package Logistics Expert

Michael is our Delivery/Pickup Driver. He used to work as a spare parts delivery driver and a pizza delivery driver. He loves the team. He thinks that the team is a second family of his. He is passionate about his family and friends. He spends most of his time with his loved ones through BBQs and fishing.

Ramzi Atallah Hoseright Team 2

Ramzi Atallah

Grand Master of Marketing

Ramzi is our brand manager. he makes sure everything is consistent throughout all our digital and non-digital platforms. he used to be a marketer in the educational field. He loves the family atmosphere that is embedded in the Hoseright culture. Ramzi constantly searches for challenges to drive himself forward. In his off time, he enjoys some quality time with friends and family. Also, he loves to play soccer and tennis.