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How To Select the Right Hydraulic Hose For Your Needs

Hydraulic Hose Suppliers Perth

The world of hydraulic hoses is vast. It can be therefore difficult to select the right type of hose for your specific needs. There are various sectors in which hydraulic hoses are needed, for example:

  • Submarines and boats
  • Industry – food production, factories, steel works
  • Excavators
  • Road sweepers
  • Refuse vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery – combine harvesters, tractors etc.

At hydraulic hose Perth-based company Hoseright, our skilled and friendly staff have a combined experience of 75 years in the industry. You can rely on us to help you choose the right fit for all your hose and fittings. Locals and people in surrounding areas have used our efficient services for many years. There’s a reason why they come back and back again. Our team’s passion for their work is unsurpassed. You can therefore always be assured of the highest levels of customer service and advice just when you need them.

We can help you with some insight into what you need for the application you have in mind. What we need to know from you to begin is:

  • The maximum flow you need
  • The fluid type you’re using
  • The length of required hose
  • The maximum pressure you need
  • Whether there is a need for any hose fittings
  • The specific details of what you need your hose to do.

Once we have all this information, we can make recommendations that will suit your needs. Bear in mind that system pressure is arguably the foremost factor when it comes to choosing a hose. It’s crucial to be aware of the exact working pressure of your system. Furthermore, you should always have complete knowledge of any pressure spikes so your hydraulic hose functions at its best.  Whether you need a hydraulic hose, fittings or a hydraulic hose crimper, Perth-based Hoseright is with you all the way.


On-Site Hydraulic Hose Containers

Our On-Site Hydraulic Hose Solutions are tailored to meet your individual needs of from providing Hoseright Hose Containers in remote locations to offering inventory management services to ensure maximum site support whilst minimising costs.

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