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6 Signs You Should Replace Your Hydraulic Hose

6 signs you should replace your hydraulic hoses

Hoses and fittings are central to your hydraulic systems and looking after them is important. Today we’re going to give you some insights into your hydraulic hoses, as well as 6 signs that you should replace your hoses.

The Life Cycle of Hydraulic Hoses

There is no simple answer to the question “how long will my hydraulic hoses last?” It depends on the quality of the hoses and the hydraulic fittings, as well as how you’re using them and under what circumstances. As a general rule you should replace your hoses and fittings every 1-2 years, but don’t take that as a gospel.

Keep a logbook of all replacements and any equipment failures that occur. Over time, this should give you an accurate idea of the real lifespan of hydraulics hoses in your operation.

Preventative Replacement

As well as scheduled replacements, you’ll need to be vigilant about looking for signs of wear and tear in your hydraulics. In 80% of hose failures, the culprit is external damage such as pulling, kinking, abrasion, or crushing. These stresses don’t always happen uniformly over time. There’s always the chance a hose could be pushed to breaking point well ahead of its scheduled replacement.

Warning Signs

If you notice any of the following signs during a regular check or at any other time, you should replace your hydraulics hoses and/or fittings as soon as possible:

Look Out for Crushed Hoses

Crushed hoses can lead to pressure build up and cause leaks lead to hoses bursting.

Oil Leaks Around Your Hose

These may indicate that the whole assembly needs to be replaced, but you may only need to replace the fitting themselves. Get a professional opinion before deciding.

Exposed Wire

Any exposed wire is a sign that significant abrasion is occurring and that you need to replace the hose.

Extensive Hose Damage

Some small scuffs and nicks in the outer cover of the hose are normal. If you see damage that goes beyond this, it’s time for a replacement.

Kinks in the Hose

Kinks may indicate incorrect routeing with bend radiuses below the minimum specified by the manufacturer. If these kinks show signs of damage, replace your hose. You may be able to re-route if caught early.

Cracked Fittings

If fittings are cracked or corroded they should be replaced. It may be safest to replace the hose too, as the faulty fittings have caused damage. Some white oxidation on fittings is okay, but red rust is a problem.

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